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At, we want to help you share your event with everyone, everywhere!!! So remember, images are important, when it comes to featuring your event. You don't have to go overboard, just stay true to your own unique style. It's all in the details, so just be aware of the upload instructions below, and send us your high quality images as you complete the event publishing form.


After paying for your order, we will send you an “upload link” that allows you to upload as much as 2 gigabytes of media content at a time. Please know that 2 gigabytes of media content is equivalent to sending us 2 hours of video recording. An upload capability of that much is rare to find elsewhere, and we're doubtful you will need that much capacity. You can expect to receive the upload link within 24 hours. You will use the link to paste your photos and video content and send it to us. Be sure to include what the video or image is about, or type in the name of person/activity in comment box before you send your content.


Once you upload your content, we are prepared, within 3 business days, to publish the obituary on the internet. We are here to support you, and if its necessary that you be “walked” through the process, that's alright. We want to make certain that your memories and sentiments are reflected as you want.

(All obituary requests are subject to verification with a funeral home or crematorium and notices must be obtained prior to publication.)

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