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Thank you so much for placing your trust in, (HFO), to broadcast your Church sermons and messages so that others' may hear the spoken WORD you have for them, and also publish the activities of your ministry along with your broadcasts. You now have a global platform from which to tell everyone of GOD's mighty acts, and a new approach for making a difference in your community. 


With your membership, we will send you an “upload link” that allows you to upload as much as 2 gigabytes of media content at a time. Please know that 2 gigabytes of media content is equivalent to sending us 2 hours of video recording. An upload capability of that much is rare to find elsewhere, and we're doubtful you will need that much capacity. You can expect to receive the upload link within 24 hours. You will use the link to paste your photos and video content and send it to us. 


Once you upload your content, we are prepared, within 3 business days, to create your internet profile page and your Church internet presence begins!!! It's as easy as that, really!!! We are here to support you, and if  its necessary that you be “walked” through the process, that's alright. It will allow us to get to know you better. 

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